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RV Campground Basics

RV Education 101 - RV Campground Basics

BY: Mark J. Polk

I have always said if you're going to buy an RV you need to use it; otherwise it is nothing more than a large and expensive lawn ornament. Where to go, what to do when you get there and all of the different camping clubs available to the new RVer can be confusing until you have a few RV trips under your belt. The more you know about campgrounds and RV Parks, the better your camping experience will be.

You need to determine how you plan to use your RV, explore all of your options and join a club or clubs that is just right for you. How do you find these campgrounds, parks and resorts? Should you make reservations before leaving on a trip? How do you register when you arrive? What kind of site should you request? Do you need a partial hook up or a full hook up? What does campground etiquette mean? How do you determine the right camping club for you? The purpose of this e-book is to try and answer all of these questions and much more.

RV Camping Guides

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