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I Have a Convection Oven in my RV. Now What?

I Have a Convection Oven in my RV. Now What?

BY: Adrienne Kristine

You love your RV lifestyle. You love your RV. You even love your RV kitchen.

You hate your convection oven.

Why? All those recipes that have served you well over the years are not successful in the new convection oven. Don’t worry. You haven’t lost your touch. This 80-page eBook by full-time RVer Adrienne Kristine will help you convert your existing recipes to a formula that will help you create the same delicious meals you’ve prepared in the past.

You’ll have dozens of new recipes to try, including some for preparing the catch from that successful fishing trip. You’ll also have some recipes for potluck dishes to share with six to 10 or more. You’ll even have two different recipes to bake that Thanksgiving turkey in much less time than a conventional oven. All recipes in this book are simple and easy with ingredients, cookware and bakeware already found in most RV kitchens. Your convection oven requires less time, less work and gives you better results. What’s not to like?

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