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Deep Cycle Battery Care and Maintenance

Deep Cycle Battery Care and Maintenance

BY: Mark J. Polk

Show me an RVer or boater who hasn’t had problems with deep cycle batteries and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t been RVing or boating for very long.

In most cases, problems related to deep cycle batteries are usually a result of not understanding what is involved to properly maintain and care for lead acid batteries. 85% of all 12 volt batteries manufactured in the United States die before they should. Our Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance E-book was designed to help extend the life of your deep cycle batteries and to save you money. With a little routine preventive maintenance your deep cycle batteries can and will last as long as they should.

This E-book includes sections on understanding lead acid batteries, battery ratings, battery types, sizes and configurations, battery maintenance, testing, charging, storage and more.

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