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RV Buyers Survival Guide: Edition III

RV Buyers Survival Guide: Edition III

BY: Bob Randall

Before you take that critical first step in buying any RV, you must read this guide. Written by a "RV Industry Insider", you’ll learn the secrets to making the perfect selection while saving more money than you ever dreamed possible!

Anyone about to buy an RV armed with the information in this book stands to save thousands of dollars!

Bob Randall is the sales manager for a big RV dealer. He’s also the former head of sales for one of America’s largest RV manufacturers. In this tell-all E-book, he reveals how a dealer makes his money, and how low an offer a buyer can make off list price and still get the rig. And what can you expect from a trade in? Randall offers secret step-by-step instructions that only an RV insider could provide!

The #1 rated guide for RV buyers—Over 10,000 copies sold since 2000.